Be Free Today - Russell O'NeillRussell O’Neill

Performance Coach & Founder

(B.Ed Seconday & Human Movement // Cert.IV Life Coaching NLP)
I started Be Free Today in 2011 with a single purpose – to help people free themselves of limitations to be all they can be. I genuinely believe everyone has the potential for personal greatness and the right to be happy. I am passionate about helping people grow to their true self and am dedicated to the cause. Through my coaching sessions, I aim to find the root cause of your limitations (what’s holding you back), then help diverse a targeted plan-of-action forward. I focus on what YOU truly desire, not what others feel you should do. The results? — You become a master of your domain and will regain control of life with clarity, purpose, and direction. This will lead to greater personal and professional performance and holistic happiness.

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Coaching Style

  • Dedicated
  • Open
  • Compassionate
  • Enthusiastic 
  • Friendly – yet Firm (Excuses Slayer!)

Coaching Method

  • Online Skype Coaching
  • NLP Strategic Framework
  • GROW Model foundations
  • Innovative and Creative Model
  • Vision and Goal Setting Orientated

Specialty Areas

  • Personal
  • Career
  • Small Business
  • Relationship
  • Marketing (Social Media, Branding)

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