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Alan Watts: There is Nothing Wrong with You

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Can an individual who is under the impression, that he is a separate individual, limited by and in closed in his bag of skin. How can such a person effectively realise that he is, deep down, the universal self?

This of course is a curious question. It proposes a journey to the place where you already are.

What is the self that I love? What is this thing? And you look very closely into what you feel when you think you feel yourself. And do you know what you will find out? That yourself is everything that you thought was someone else.

So when you feel that you are a lonely little stranger confronting all this, you have an illusory feeling because the truth is the reverse. You are the whole work that there is and always was, always has been, and always will be.

Only, just as my whole body has a little nerve end which is exploring and contributes to the sense of touch. You are just a little nerve for everything that is going on. Just as the eyes serve the whole body. You are serving the whole universe.

Because if you see yourselves in the correct way, you are all as much extraordinary phenomenon of nature, as say, trees… clouds… the patterns in running water… the shape of fire… the arrangement of the stars, that form the galaxy… You are all just like that.

Each one of you in the universe, expressed in the place which you feel is here and now. There’s nothing wrong with you at all. Except that I have to add this little flip. You do think there is something wrong with you. See? And there is no question, you do.

We all object to ourselves in various ways. And I’m going to add, there is nothing wrong with that either. Because that’s part of the flow. Let’s say you sit quite still. And you are simply observing what is happening. All the sounds outside, all the different shapes and lights in front of your eyes, thoughts going on inside your head, “chatter, chatter, chatter; I should have done this”. All this bilge going on. See you just watch it.

Then you say to yourself – But this is boring! Watch that too! What kind of a funny feeling is that makes you say, “But this is boring?” Where is it? Where do you feel it? “I should be doing something else.” What is that feeling!? What part of the body is it in?

Everything that is going on without attempting to change it in any way, without judging it, without calling it good or bad. We simply watch what’s going on.

When a tree falls in the forest it certainly makes vibration in the air. But those vibrations in the air do not become noise unless they vibrate an eardrum. So in the same way, the light from the sun, does not become light, unless it falls on an eye, an eyeball. So this shows in a very clear way, that our mind and the external world, go together.

They are inseparable differences. You have no knowledge of yourself you see – except in relation to others. Self and other are as inseparable as back and front. So they go together. And that going together of self and other is non-duality. That is the Self, with a capital ‘S’.

And so you are the organism-environment. In other words, you are less the universe. Each one of you is the universe expressed in the place which feel is here and now. You are an aperture through which the universe, is looking at itself.

Exploring itself.

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