A Little Challenge with a Big Purpose.


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Don’t know what to do with your life? Then pretend you’re planning your own funeral and write your own eulogy. This exercise will very quickly help you realise what you want to achieve in your lifetime.

I heard this quote last week and it made me think about, “what I want to do with my life“?  I knew immediately it had to be “making a difference. But how am I able to make a difference? That then led to me contemplating, “what it is that inspires people. For me perhaps, it’s the little things, humble yet amazing, friends and family.

Yesterday I completed my first triathlon, a ‘mini-tri’ to raise funds for breast cancer. I have always been a sporty person and love feeling fit, but it was my friend Rose who inspired me to take on what for me was ‘a little challenge with a big purpose’.

Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 43. Doctors said it was ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and that she had 50 per cent chance of the cancer recurring in her left breast. She bravely decided to undergo a bilateral mastectomy and have reconstructive surgery.

Now, six years on, Rose knows she was saved by early detection. She was spared further treatment by her choice to have a mammogram and subsequent surgery – so she spends a lot of time raising awareness about breast cancer and encouraging women to take mammograms.

Altogether Rose inspired our team of 24 women to raise over $4,000 for breast cancer. We each did our bit, encouraged our friends to donate and yes, we made difference. I knew now I was on the right path.

I want to make positive change. (Well sure, don’t we all?) But I have come to realise you don’t have to be Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Mother Teresa, Bono or John Lennon to do it. We can all do something small to leave a big impact on someone’s life.

Be inspired by the people around you: a green-fingered sister who shows you how to grow your own organic vegetables, a flatmate who helps you build a compost-bin in the back-yard, an amazing friend who challenges you. Or perhaps even a rock-band that makes you sing ballads at the top of your lungs and makes you feel alive and driven to take action. It’s the little things, after all.

by Bibi Bliekendaal


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