It’s all about Consistency

by Julie Scott
BE consistent

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We all know that feeling. It is 6 am and the alarm goes off. What seemed a wonderful idea yesterday just seems impossible right now. That morning run or visit to the gym before starting work sounds confrontational instead of inspirational.

Sure, maybe that extra glass of wine or ice cream after dinner makes getting out of bed a little harder, but deep down you know this a big moment. If you are consistent today, you’ll maintain your fitness tomorrow.

But if you hit that snooze button? You’ll be left thinking you failed. Nobody likes that feeling, but it doesn’t need to be that way and it doesn’t require a huge and dramatic shift to change it. Instead, it’s one word: consistency.

We see each day all those facts and figures and wonderful stories we read about elite athletes. But often the difference between ordinary and athletic simply comes down to consistency. Sure, you may not end up running the 100m sprint at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 if you do your 5km each day. But you will improve your performance if you keep at it regularly.

Consistency in fitness is not only important for when you’re flying and things are going well. Because let’s face it, it is easier to keep up the momentum when things are easier. Consistency is most important when you are looking to work towards a more challenging goal.

Looking to launch a new business or take your career to the next level? Accountability is what you need and that’s where performance coaching is required. It’s what keeps you working towards your goals day by day. It will make days when everything clicks feel more rewarding, and motivate you to keep on track whenever it seems like each part of your day was a struggle.

Consistency in one area of your life often has benefits in other aspects of your life. For example, if you get your business life working well, the benefits will often be seen in your family life. There is that terrific and empowering momentum you carry through your day when you’ve achieved your goals. There is that resource to draw on when things are hard. There may also be simple hacks that make it easier to reach your goals. An experienced coach will help you stay on track and identify ways to reach your goals faster.

Ultimately, it must be remembered that consistency is not only essential to living a high-performance life, it’s also essential for your general wellness and mental health.

This doesn’t mean if not for consistency in your life everything would fall apart immediately! But it does mean over time the results will show. Eat an unhealthy meal for lunch today and it will probably have no visible effect on your life. Eat an unhealthy meal every day for the next month and you’ll see the negative impact on your life. That’s the effect of consistency, be consistent at working at your goals and you’ll see the benefits long term. This is vital for your life personally and professionally.

by Julie Scott

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