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You Control How Much Negativity Get’s Inside Your Head

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Negativity will be everywhere you look; if you are looking for it that is. Similarly, if you choose to look for the positive, and become proactive about what you see, you will feel better about your environment almost immediately. It’s a strange phenomenon, but we actually have the ability to choose how we see and interpret our world. This is not the same as convincing yourself that the colour of a leaf is blue rather than green. Moreover, it’s about seeking out what else is in your field of vision or changing your perspective on an initially perceived negative element or vision.

Positive affirmations work great! And with practice, they become automatically part of your subconscious thoughts. Mastering your subconscious thoughts to become positive may not be as simple as flicking on a light. Real change may take weeks, months, or even years… especially if you’ve had a long history of negative thoughts and behaviors. However, there many people who do have ‘that moment‘ when a light does suddenly glows and they seemingly change their thoughts in an instant. Eckhart Tolle writes about his sudden moment when his world became a little brighter in his 1997 best seller, The Power of Now.

If you have not had this moment, do not despair! If it’s a change you want to see happen, then an exciting journey awaits. As body builders take years to sculpt their physique, the mind too will takes a lot of work to get in shape. It will take a lot of focus, dedication, and ongoing discipline before you become a master, but their will be plenty of rewards along the way. It is a different journey for each of us, but an exciting one nonetheless.

An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it get’s inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside your head.” ~ Gio Nasu

Check out my other article on Positive Affirmations for more comprehensive insight and examples to help you get started on your road to eliminating the negative thoughts inside your head. Alternatively, you are welcome to pop me an email if you would like me to personally get in touch. Take control and be free today of your limitations and become all you know you can be.

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