Feeling Purposeful

feeling purposeful

Finding Purpose in a crowded world

One of the most difficult, conceptual and philosophical dilemmas faced, is how we as individuals find purpose and identity among the 6.5 billion people that share our earth. What sets us apart from the rest? Is there such a thing as individuality? Are we really making any sort of difference? What is our purpose?

There are aspects of our life that bring satisfaction and value. For most this includes family, friends, responsibility and authority over our decisions. When we begin to focus our motivation towards these aspects, we start to find purpose and meaning. How can we make our family happier? How can we enjoy our job more? How can we give back to the community? Is this the path I chose for myself? What is holding me back from making a change? As we discover answers to some of these questions, we will acquire a greater understanding of self-identity. Only then can we decide how this identity establishes itself within the rest of society.

Serving as more than just a distraction from the big philosophical questions, participating in activities that connect us to friends, family and our community can be great source of satisfaction. To bring meaning to other people’s lives can most certainly bring meaning to ours. We begin to feel reliable, useful, resourceful and important. All these attributes help us feel purpose in our day-to-day existence, comfort in our significance, and happiness through a sense of achievement.

Our sense of purpose primarily stems from our connection to people. We all desire to feel needed, loved and respected. While most of us generally seek to obtain this from our family and friends, we should not discount the feeling of purposefulness associated with helping a stranger. Finding a local community group can be a great way to bring more purpose to your life. Volunteering at the local hospital, the aged care centre or a charity can not only give you the satisfaction of helping stranger in need, but can also allow you to meet new people within your community that share similar interests.

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People often complain of just going through the motions, merely existing rather than relishing life; being stuck in the same old rut. You don’t need permission to break your routine. Make it happen. Find something you love and make it your own. And make time for it. Take an ‘I wish I’d done…’ moment and transform it into an ‘I am doing..’ experience. It’s as simple as making the decision. Take up a musical instrument and allocate time to practice. Learn a new language and take the time to study. Play that game of golf on the last Sunday of every month. Just make it happen.

Take control of your destiny and pave your own path

A great way to create more opportunities and experiences for yourself is to write down your own ‘Bucket List’ or experiences wish list. Make an effort to write down 50 – that’s right, 50 things you want to do, experience, develop, or master in a determined time frame. Selecting the first 10-20 should be fairly easy, the real beauty and magic happens in developing the last 30. This is where you give yourself to opportunity to think outside of your comfort zone and develop challenging conquests you never previously imagined. This will bring about a great deal of excitement, and new passions may emerge. Put a time frame on each on, develop it into a goal and do not look back.

Whatever it is that you are doing, always continue to make time for new experiences and the things you enjoy. Seek connection with important people in your life. Make time for yourself, others, and the purpose; belonging and self-identity will soon follow. Importantly, don’t be afraid to try something new, try a change of perspective, or take that plunge outside of your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve and how your purpose will jump out at you by simply taking that first daring step. If you find it challenging to finding your purpose or taking ‘that step’ in any direction, pop me an email and I’ll be happy help you find your way.

– “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ~Robert Byrne


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