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What’s Your Purpose? Go Get It!

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Now, now it’s important for me to let you know you are powerful beyond measure. Listen to me – I told you last week because perhaps, I don’t know, your Daddy wasn’t in your life; your mother wasn’t in your life. I don’t know.

You didn’t have a mentor. I don’t know, you may have never heard someone look at you in the eye, look at you in your soul and tell you that you not only matter, you’re powerful. I remember, I remember sleeping in a building, eating out of garbage cans, I remember bringing home C’s and D’s, I remember not living up to my full potential.

When you do what you’re born to do, what you’ve been called to do, what you’ve been birthed to do – nobody can do it like you. Nobody can sing the way you sing; nobody can speak the way you speak; nobody can write the way you write; no, nobody can love the way you love. Nobody can play that piano; nobody can play that saxophone; nobody can play that violin; nobody can do poetry quite like you can do. Nobody can produce the way you produce; nobody can write scores the way you write scores – Are you hearing way I’m saying!? You’re powerful! When you know within yourself that there is something you want to do, and I believe that all of us were born with a purpose; that all of us have something that we are supposed to do.

And all of us have some goodness within us; that goodness gives us a responsibility, to manifest our greatness. And when you know that, you can feel it in your guts and you know that you are deliberately operating below your potential you have gotten comfortable – you stop expanding, you stop stretching – you stop challenging yourself! Let me share something else with you – Not only is it possible for you to have your dream, but it’s necessary! It’s necessary that you have it! That you work on it; that you develop yourself; that you go for what it is that’s yours in the universe. You just decide, “I’m not gonna settle for this! This is not going to be it for my life! I deserve more than this.” See that will start making you do some stuff.

See a lot of people go to work every day miserable and all they’re doing is talking about how miserable they are. But they ain’t going to do anything about it.

Discover Your Purpose!

[movie plays]

Jack: No, the next white some of a bitch that talks I’m going to smash his God damn teeth in.
Coach: You can’t do that Jack
Jack: I’m supposed to just let this go on?
Coach: These men have to live with themselves
Jack: I have to live with myself too. Right now, they don’t deserve it out there
Coach: It don’t matter now Jack. You’re in this thing. You don’t have a right to pull out from the back of people that believe in you; that respect you; that need you.
Jack: Is that so?
Coach: If you fight, they won’t say that Chapman forced you to. They’ll say that you’re ‘in over your head’. That you don’t belong here…
Jack: You don’t know what it’s like having someone do this to you.
Coach: No. No. You do. You’re the one living this sermon; in the wilderness; 40 days, all of it, only you.
Jack: There’s not a God damn thing I can do about it.
Coach: Of course there is! You can get out there and hit! You can get on bases and score. You can win this game for us! We need you. Everybody needs you! You’re medicine Jack. But what I’ve come to appreciate when you’re working on changing your life; changing some bad habit.

Getting out of an addictive situations or relationships; or working to build a dream in our society. It’s hard. Easy, is not an option. It’s hard living; life is hard. That’s rough! How people look at you; how they respond to you. It’s very hard. But to know in order to get to where you want to go, this is one of the hoops you have to flip through. So if it’s hard, then do it hard. Now, how do you hang in there in the hard and difficult times? You must have faith. You’ve got to believe in yourself. It’s possible that we can have our dream, yes it is. Other people have done it? Then we can do it. We fell a lot of times, well a lot of other folks fell and eventually they came back and they succeeded. So it’s possible we can have what we want, and we know that we want to get it then it’s necessary for us to hang around people that think like we do; it’s necessary that we get negative do nothing people out of our lives. It’s necessary that we never spot learning and growing and developing ourselves. It’s necessary that we never give up…

Don’t ever let somebody tell you, “You can’t do something.” Not even me.

You got a dream? You’ve got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you, “you can’t do it”. You want something? Go get it, period.

A friend of mine he walks a marathon, he says when he’s running the 26mile marathon let’s say that hypothetically that the 18th mile is the wall. It’s a mess when you get there and when you’re running, he says, “Everything in you is telling you to stop, to give up. Every muscle is aching.” You’re saying to yourself, “I can’t do it. I can’t do it” And you just keep on, and you keep on, and you keep on. It seems like you’re moving in slow motion. And then eventually when you break through that 18mile wall then you know it’s done and it’s like automatic and you fly on in. and you know it’s there! You know you’re going to get there. You know you’re going to get to the finish line.

And we’ve all had experiences, where we were working ourselves, and we knew it was possible; and we did those things that were necessary to bring it into reality. We took the responsibility to make it happen. All the people didn’t see it. A lot of people didn’t believe it. You were attacked, you were criticised. People were opposing you. But you kept on doing it! It was hard, it was rough, it was difficult. But to you it was worth it. And eventually you got to a level where you know, “Nothing can stop me now! I’m on the move, I’m on the move”. Was it as easy as it looked? No sir, no sir it wasn’t.

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