How to Get Clarity in Two Minutes

How to Get Clarity Fast! 

In our busy lives, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the seemingly insurmountable tasks that lay before us. We all seek clarity, but some will find it easier than others. If you are reading this, today is your lucky day. I am going to share with you one of my most successful Coaching activities.  It’s quick, easy, and you can do it at the home, office, school or whenever you need a quick clarity fix. This process will map out a detailed plan of action breaking you free of your sticking point.

Who will benefit from this activity?

  • Business Professionals Seeking New Ideas (Tip: Use in meetings to engage members)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists and Creative People
  • People Seeking Clarity with Personal or Professional Goals
  • If You are Stuck in a Rut
  • Prioritizing Lifestyle Needs

If you have ever felt lost, confused, overwhelmed, lacking creativity, self motivation, and the only sure cure is to hide under a rock in hopes that it will all go away – then this is for you. Quite often, the reason we feel bogged down, is not that we do not have ideas or a plan of action; it is that we have too many ideas! These are all jumbled around in a clouded mess in our minds preventing clarity and action. The result is lack of enthusiasm, productivity, creativity and a feeling of helplessness.

What do I need and when is a good time to use this?

Anywhere or anytime you are beginning to feel overwhelmed or confused. All you need is a pen and your diary (blank paper will work too). It is very important that you use a pen or pencil and not your computer or smart phone. There is something magical in handwriting that cannot be matched with using a computer device. And worse still is to use nothing at all and rely on memory. Harvard University and Yale conducted a study and confirmed that hand written goals were far more effective than non-written.

When you write your thoughts down, they are created into a type of physical form. Once in a physical form, they are easier to ‘see’, manipulate, and work with. By writing your ideas down, you eliminate the need to have them clogging up your conscious. This will free up room to focus and build on a single point or generate fresh pro-active ideas. The effect does not seem as powerful if you write in a computer or smart phone.  I like to imagine my pen as a magic wand ready to create magic!

What you need:

  • Pen or pencil
  • Diary, Goal Setting Book, or… if you must, scrap paper
  • A quiet area free from distractions
  • Timer (use a clock, watch or smart phone)

Why it Works…

When you set yourself a task with a defined outcome and time frame, you are more likely to achieve it. Furthermore, many people perform better under a bit of pressure and quite often produce alarming results close to deadlines. Remember how you surprised yourself in university starting and finishing that report at the last possible minute? Athletes have long used this concept in a process called, Optimal Arousal Performance. A small amount of anxiety and pressure helps increase brain function and activity. The TWO minute boundary of this exercise challenges you to produce a set task under a small amount of pressure. You will be amazed at what you can produce.


Two Minutes to Clarity Procedure


Step 1.  Once you have a found your quiet and distraction free place, set your timer to ONE minute. At the top of your page, write a goal or something that has been occupying your thoughts for some time.


What topic can I write about today?

Step 2.  In that ONE minute, as a minimum, write down the first 5 things that come into your mind. It is okay to write more than 5 things in that minute, if the pen is flowing, just keep writing. Important — Do not think or censor any thoughts — Just write! Trust me on this one. Ready, Set, Go!


I.             What social media platforms to use
II.            Am I using what I have correctly
III.           Teaching methods
IV.          Why I hate cheese
V.           How do I get more

Step 3.  Now for the magic. In the second minute, once you have previously thought you have exhausted all of your ideas, write down 3 more points in a minute. Ready, Set, Go!


I.         Discover a more focused client niche area
II.        How do I attract potential clients in that area
III.       Who can I seek assistance from

Once again, if the pen is flowing, do not stop, just keep writing. A lot of the magic happens in this step. The ideas that come here are quite often the sticking points that hold us back. The extra three or so ideas that you have written down I like to call ‘money‘! Why? Because these ideas are often trapped deep in our subconscious and are can be the root cause of your inactivity. They may also bring out your suppressed passions and desires. Importantly, once they are on paper in front of you, you will already begin to feel a great deal of clarity.

Congratulations! That completes the TWO minutes. If you have done this activity correctly, without cheating, you will notice a great deal more clarity. But we’re not done just yet! Continue reading for two more valuable bonus steps…

 Read how successful this strategy and more have worked with real people in my client testimonials

Step 4.  With your list of ideas, choose ONE that stands out as the most important, most fun, or the easiest thing to do first. I would highly recommend turning that point into a SMART goal making it measurable and timely. Enter your email below and I will send you my SMART 5-Step Performance Enhancer e-Guide with valuable goal setting information and a working template absolutely free. No signups or confirmations.

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    The idea you have chosen is the one to take action on first. If you have chosen to use the SMART formula, then the process will be mapped out for you. If not, then do your best to turn this idea into an achievable and measurable goal. But first, you must choose which idea you wish to work on…


    I.          Discover a more focused client niche area ✔✔
    II.         How do I attract potential clients in that area
    III.       Who can I seek assistance from

    Step 5.  (Optional). Build on the point you selected and turn it into an action network. You may wish to incorporate some of the other points and ideas into your Action Network.

    Clarity Action Network

    And that’s it! At this point you will have clarity and a detailed plan of action. If you are still confused about where to begin, repeat the process until one of the point’s sticks out more than the rest. Use that and build on it. If you are really in trouble, drop me an email and tell me your situation. I will be glad to offer you a free coaching session to help you get unstuck. If you are ready, it is now up to you to get things moving forward. Turn the computer off and make it happen!

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