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Live With Passion

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Great things will ALWAYS come to those who live with Passion.”

– Russell O’Neill

You know how some people just always seem to be lucky? Everything they want comes their way? They have a lot of friends and seem to make people happy? Here’s their secret – They LIVE WITH PASSION. Everything and everyone around you is awesome, if you want it/them to be. If you can Change your thoughts, you can change your life. It worked for me :)

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About Russell O'Neill

Life Coach. Teacher. Musician. Founder of Be Free Today. My passion is to help others excel in life by focusing on their 'true' priorities. Be careful what you wish for around me, you'll find yourself making it happen. Australian born, Australian by nature. When I write, it is usually about all matters that will help individuals better themselves. Strum the odd guitar chord in my free time. Everyone has a story to tell, and I love to hear them! If you're living with passion or trying to find yours, drop me an email friend.