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The Best Motivation Comes From Within

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I have a dream today.

I don’t know what that dream is that you have. I don’t care how disappointed it might have been, as you have been working towards that dream. But here’s what I know, that that dream that you are holding in your mind, that it’s possible. See sometimes we can’t say, I can do that. But what we can say, that it’s possible that I can have my dream… As we run towards it, as we work towards it, day in and day out.

…Ice Hockey Commentary…

But people who are running towards their dream, life has a special kind of meaning.

I was willing to take a chance and most people won’t do that. Most of the people that you talk to, to try to bring them into the business – these are not risk takers. Most people have done all that they’re ever going to do. They raise a family, they earn a living and then they die.

You are going to incur a lot of disappointment, a lot of failure, a lot of pain… A lot of setbacks, a lot of defeats… but in the process of doing that, you will discover some things about yourself that you don’t know right now. What you will realize is that you have greatness within you. That you are more powerful that you can ever begin to imagine. That you are greater than your circumstances.

The other thing is that most people, ladies and gentlemen, they get comfortable. They stop growing, they stop working on themselves, they stop stretching, they stop pushing themselves.

While you’re running towards your dream, I applaud you for believing in yourself. Because that’s what life is about. Stretching and challenging. Looking for ways that you can begin to improve yourself. Do it! Your dream is possible. Do it! People who are unstoppable and unreasonable, people who are refusing to leave life just as it is, and who want more.

A belief that we are all connected together as one people ~ Barack Obama

[…I believe that one day] we will all be able to work together, to struggle together. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.


Narration by Les Brown

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