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Written by Marini Barika Facey

My life is one big adventure! Literally…Life of Adventure - Marini Barika Facey - Be Free Today

The word adventure doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t difficult days; it can be likened to Indiana Jones. I don’t know why I’m using this as an analogy, because I barely watched it and haven’t seen it since childhood, but there is one scene I can never forget. As soon as I start to share this particular scene, you will say, “Oh, I remember that!”

Indiana Jones is in a cave and has to cross over to the other side, but there is a huge chasm that stops him. The only way he can get across is by “remembering” there is an invisible bridge. Even though we know there is a bridge, how many of us would consider taking that step? It may take us a moment or two or three to process it all, and trust that we won’t go crashing down below. It is okay to take a moment, but a lifetime? Don’t miss out because of trepidation!

Whether it is Indiana Jones or any suspenseful, action-packed movie, there is always the crux the hero must go through in order to get to the climax. There is always some surprising element that someone has to overcome. How boring a movie would be if there was no climax or no crux?

We are made for adventures.

The exciting part about adventures is that everyone has an adventure! Everyone has a story they can think of that they can laugh about now, but quickly forget how hopeless it seemed in that moment. It reminds me of Bette Davis and Lucille Ball. Many people may not know that Lucy did roles that were dramatic and serious before she became a comedian. Lucille turned to more humorous forms of acting, partly because Bette Davis intimidated her when they attended acting school together. Lucy didn’t let intimidation stop her. If she didn’t have Bette Davis in her life, she most likely wouldn’t have found her adventure.

Things may not have worked out in the way we expected and may have ended in death, sickness, accusation, etc. But situations like those build our character in some shape or form and make us stronger. Our story, our difficulties give us an experience which can help someone else; healing and hope may surprise us and bump into us around the corner, because we shared our experiences and helped someone else through their grief or fear.

The things that we fear and worry about tend to seem much smaller later on. Ironically, those things are usually easily forgotten and quickly replaced by a different concern or issue.

The key is…  We must remember!

It is literally as if our brain is locked, paralyzed when we habitually think about fear, doubt, and worry. Our minds open when we practice and deliberately make a point to live in hope! When we train ourselves to remember and meditate on the things that bring hope, encouragement, and life-giving reminders, we begin to live.

Again, this does not mean that we don’t have difficulties or sad moments that catch us off guard and blindside us. However, it does mean we are given another chance and opportunity to find the climax that soon follows the crux in our adventures. When we view our lives as an adventure, we will look at difficulties in a different way. We begin to learn that these situations can actually catapult us into our adventures, because we do not forget to remember that which makes us stronger and better. Take one moment at a time! After all, it is a process.

Each day is a process of remembering…

by Marini Barika Facey


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