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Your Thoughts Dictate Your Actions

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Mental fitness is more important than physical fitness. What’s the point of looking good when all you see in the mirror is failure.” – Russell O’Neill

Mental Fitness is more important than physical fitness. What’s the point of looking good when all you see in the mirror is failure? Exercise the mind with positive, proactive thoughts and take control over the things you can control. Weaker minds will always think poorly speak poorly. Don’t buy into it. You are an independent and strong person. It does not matter what other’s think, it only matters what you believe. Stay strong, stay true. Think positive and live with passion.


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Life Coach. Teacher. Musician. Founder of Be Free Today. My passion is to help others excel in life by focusing on their 'true' priorities. Be careful what you wish for around me, you'll find yourself making it happen. Australian born, Australian by nature. When I write, it is usually about all matters that will help individuals better themselves. Strum the odd guitar chord in my free time. Everyone has a story to tell, and I love to hear them! If you're living with passion or trying to find yours, drop me an email friend.

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