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Muhammad Ali Funeral Card Quote

Muhammad Ali Funeral Card Quote

The perfect quote that reflects the Muhammad Ali's kindness and humility is all that featured on the center of the great man's funeral card
Ricky Gervais - Stupid People

Ricky Gervais – Stupid People

Ricky Gervais is an English comedian, actor, voice actor, film director, producer, musician, screenwriter, and former radio presenter. The comedian made is big break in his late 30's writing, producing and staring in British cult series smash, The Office. The series was limited to two seasons before being picked up by NBC and adapted for a US audience staring Steve Carrell. The Office went on to become a global smash hit and won several awards... Click to view and download/share this poster in full HQ for free Read More...
Stephen Colbert - Commencement Speech

Stephen Colbert – Commencement Speech

Stephan Colbert is arguably one of television's greatest personalities of all time. He is mostly recognized for his quick wit and pseudo Right-Wing Republican character, which has entertained audiences since his award winning variety show, The Colbert Report, first aired in 2005... Click to view and download/share this poster in full HQ for free Read More...
Robin Williams - A Touch of Madness

Robin Williams – A Touch of Madness

If you ever feel excited from a seemingly crazy, different or somewhat mad idea, show the world what you have to offer. Robin Williams was never shy to express his crazy and innovative side. The creative genius brought laughter and joy to millions. He is remembered by those who knew him best by his quick wit and fast paced mind; always 10 steps ahead. Like in much of his scripts, Robin Williams would often improvise with a highly energized personal feel... Read More...
Jerry Seinfeld - The Best Things in Life...

Jerry Seinfeld – The Best Things in Life…

Jerry Seinfeld answered a Reddit, Ask Me Anything (AMA), request July 24, 2014 and uncovered one of his lowest points and how he chose to overcome it. For someone as big as what Seinfeld is, it's important to remember that they didn't get there easily. Hard work and a lot of failures are the secrets to success... Read More...
Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. W. Churchill

What is Success? – Winston Churchill Poster

Whether you are training to become an Olympic athlete; are an aspiring entrepreneur; or are learning a new instrument -- you will face the prospect of failure on a daily basis. What separates success from failure is a persons ability to read their failures and turn them into opportunity. A slight tweak here and there, or perhaps a complete overhaul. Whatever is not working well, should be the fuel to drive you towards success...
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Stephen Hawking Quote - You Can Succeed

No Matter How Difficult – You Can Succeed

Stephen Hawking is the physics professor who is renowned for work on the cosmos and his ‘robot voice’ assistance machine. Hawking has survived longer than most people with Lou Gehrig's disease. However, initially after his diagnosis, he recalled how he became depressed and did not see a point in finishing his doctorate... Read More
Think Different Poster - Steve Jobs

Think Different Poster

"Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.
They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify and vilify them...
Steve Jobs - February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011
Bob Dylan Poster - Be Free Today - Performance Life Coaching

Bob Dylan Wallpaper – Be Your Success

"A man is a success if he gets up in the morning & gets to bed at night; and in between does what he wants to do."
Custom poster made by Coates Creatve for Be Free Today.
Henry Ford Quote

Keep The Mind Young

To keep a younger appearance, remove your limiting thoughts and replace them with proactive ones. This simple process will immediately subtract more than 10 years from your appearance. It will also dramatically increase the quality of your life!
Live with Passion

Live With Passion

You know how some people just always seem to be lucky? Everything they want comes their way? They have a lot of friends and seem to make people happy? Here's their secret - They live with passion - And you can too. If you can Change your thoughts, you can change your life. It worked for me.
If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's just right, you'll probably never do much of anything.

Don’t Wait Too Long Now…

Tomorrow will always be tomorrow, and yesterday has already been etched in stone; today, this very moment, is the time to begin and make things happen.
Oprah Quote poster

Oprah Quote Poster

If you are to achieve your personal best or make that grand dream a reality - you are going to have to continually challenge yourself. This will involve taking RISKS. Start small, then work your way up! You'll be surprised at what you can achieve.
Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness is more important than physical fitness. What's the point of looking good when all you see in the mirror is failure? Exercise the mind with positive, proactive thoughts and take control over the things you can control. Besides, if you spill some milk - it's a great day for the cat!
A Ship is Safe in the Harbour... William Shedd Quote

A Ship is Safe in the Harbour… William Shedd Quote

You may have thought to yourself now and then, "What if I actually took that chance all those years ago, where would I be today?" Don't be afraid to take some risks, you'll be surprised how far you can actually sail.
Fauja Singh

Only When Our Memories Grow Old… Fauja Singh

You're never to old to achieve a dream. If you're stuck in a monotonous grind, or just simply unhappy - perhaps it's time to revisit the BIG goal you had all those years back and Go For It! What's the best thing that could possibly happen?! Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. You only get one life, may as well make it a damn good one!
waiting to live

Don’t Spend Your Whole Life Waiting To Live

There are two certain things that will to you in this world. One: You were once born. Two: You will one day die. What happens in between is entirely up to you! But remember, don't spend that whole time in between waiting to live.
Emotional control

Be Your Own Emotional Control Pilot

Without being aware and in control of your emotional state is like flying a plane blind folded through a storm. It would be a very turbulent ride with the possibility of a major disaster -- All of which could be avoided if you, the pilot, are able to see what is going on. Spend sometime investing in yourself and learn how the mind works and how it reacts to your environment, dietary intake, stresses, relationships, etc. Once you can recognise 'Your Own' reactions and states of mind, then you are in a position to take control.
If I had a prayer

If I Had A Prayer

If we are able to free ourselves from the need to be accepted by our peers, only then can we truly be free to be ourselves. Besides, if you are unable to accept yourself, how are others suppose to accept you? Live your life, live your dream.
Handling Decisions

Make A Decision

Your biggest test comes not what you decide, but how you handle what happens as a result of that decision. The greater the clarity with your plans, the less risks you'll endure along the way.
Ask a Busy Person

Ask a Busy Person

If you need help with something, who do you ask? People who keep busy generally develop good work habits such as, time management and punctuality; they are effective communicators, they work efficiently, and will work better with goal orientated tasks. You can count on a busy person to get the job done!
Don't Wait too Long

Waiting a Lifetime

If you are waiting for the 'one' thing that will make you happy, you'll end up waiting a lifetime. Give yourself a time frame, give yourself the opportunity, and make those things happen!
Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge is Knowing

Two strangers were standing watching over a field filled with birds,

"I can tell you the names of ALL the birds in this land." One man said with a proud sense of achievement.

The other man replied, "That's good, but can you tell me what they have seen?"

This Is Your Life poster - Be Free Today

This Is YOUR Life

THIS IS YOUR LIFE; Do what you love, and do it often. If you don't like something, change it. If you don't like your job, quit
If you don't have enough time, spot watching TV.
If you are looking for the love of your life, STOP;
They will be waiting for you when you
Start Doing The Things You Love.