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Almost there my friend! Thank you for taking the initiative to invest in your personal and professional development. The rewards will truly be great, I can guarantee that! There are a just few things I will need from you before we begin. First of all, please read this in full, then fill in your details on the right hand side. It’s just the basics + to ensure you get a time slot that suits you.

As  the coaching session is through Skype, you will need to have this installed on your computer. If you already have Skype installed, please add ME to your contact list:

Add Skype Contact:     Be_Free_Today
      (note:  Include the underscores)

Alternatively, you can add me directly by clicking this icon. Add Be Free Today to Skype

If you need to install Skype first, please visit their page directly.

  • Click -HERE- to Open a New Window at
  • Important: Skype offers a FREE service. You do NOT need a membership or paid service to connect with me.


For the FREE consultation session, please have the following ready before we connect:

  • Stable Internet connection that can handle a video call 
  • Computer that has a working Webcam & Microphone attached or built-in
  • Find a comfortable, quiet, distraction free space or place for the 30 Minute to max.ONE hour session
  • Please have cell phone off or placed in another room. Sorry. No temptations.
  • Have a Diary ready to take notes – this is where the magic happens!

Once you submit your request form, Russell will be in Touch!