Be Free Today Testimonial

I really was not sure what I was doing when I prepared for my first coaching session with Russell. Why Be Free Today? I don’t really know, I thought Skype Coaching would be a great alternative to potentially embarrassing face-to-face appointments so I looked online. Honestly, I searched for the first Coach that looked kind of trustworthy and I came across Russell. Only later did I realize that this guy is sitting in Australia – of all places! Well – he didn’t seem to have a problem finding an appointment that suits my Italian schedule, and his communication style was reassuring… [continue reading ahead]

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– Marianne G. (Italy): Humanitarian, Author, Counsellor website available January 2015
– Coaching Area: Professional, Personal

Be Free Today - Testimonial

After I heard about what Russell could do with people, I signed up for a few sessions. At first, I was apprehensive as to how he could help. I was sure he was going to tell me the same things that i already had in my mind! But after the first session, I discovered it was much more than that… He did not tell me what to think, but helped me with ‘how to think’. Beforehand, I was unable to open up my mind about my problems and find solutions. But afterwards, I became motivated in with myself and could see opportunities that were right in front of me all along. So I went after them and now and now feel as though I’m back on track with my happy life.

– Mohsen Ashouri (AUS): Entrepreneur website available soon
– Coaching Area: Personal

Be Free Today testimonial

Over the past year or so, I found myself taking on a lot more than I had anticipated. My productivity and direction in my professional life has been affected so a colleague recommended Russell to me. I’ve only recently signed up for sessions with Russell and am already impressed with the results! Russell zoomed in on the areas where I needed to do more work and asked just the right questions to get me moving on them. Thanks to Russell, I have far more clarity on the work I really want to do, and how I can start going out there to get it. And he did it all without judgment, which made the hour Skype session productive and comfortable. Looking forward to our future sessions together!

Sarah Holloway (UK): Sustainability Strategy & Communications |
Coaching Area: Small Business


Bungo Be Free Today Testimonial

Thank you for your sessions and spending the time to talk with on Skype with me. The experience was a great opportunity that I rethink about myself and my future plans. After finishing our sessions over Skype video, I could brush up on what I really wanted to do. This has helped me solve a lot of problem with my future direction and career path. I was very confused about what I wanted to do but now I can restart towards my new direction thanks to the dialogue with you. I greatly appreciate your help and recommend you to anyone who is confused about their direction.

Bungo Masuno (Japan): Entrepreneur and Traveler | Bungomasuno
Coaching Area: Personal, Career


Robert James Mayrhofer - Personal Coaching Client - Be Free Today

Fact! Russell O’Neill is a pure genius. His proven personal development and coaching techniques have pulled me out of my lowest of lows, while recovering from personal and business defeats. Russell has single handedly guided me out of mental and financial devastation and helped me achieve my personal and business success. To this day, Russell has been 100% dedicated to helping me obtain a happier and fuller life. He is one of the most committed individuals that I have ever worked with. His drive, passion and motivation is that of successful leader…
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– Robert James Mayrhofer (Aus/Mex): Director of Pure Life NutriMedics International
– Coaching Area: Relationship, Personal and Business Matters


Performance Coach Client

Life coaching is not something I’d ever considered until I was going through a particularly busy period – feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed by what seemed like insurmountable tasks before me; then I came across Russell’s Life Coaching website and on the spur of the moment, decided to try out his coaching offer. I can honestly say I didn’t know what to expect from my Skype session with him, but it felt very easy and natural, and I came away from the session feeling focused and driven… [continue reading ahead]

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– Alison Fairleigh (Aus) – North Qld Regional Coordinator | | talkingfairleigh Mental Illness Fellowship of NQ Inc., Australia
– Coaching Area: Personal


Performance Coaching excellence

It only takes one session with Russell to realise that you yourself are the biggest stumbling block in your quest to get things done.  In subsequent sessions he guides you through your own thought processes cutting through the noise until what you’re left with each week is a clear strategy of achievable goals, be they big or small. In speaking with Russell I have found myself thinking differently and approaching problems with a more positive attitude, mostly because my immediate goals are more manageable even if my ultimate aim hasn’t changed. I can highly recommend Russell and assure you that you will notice a change in how you think and what you achieve almost immediately.

– Greg James (UK) – Professional Photographer |
Coaching Area: Business, Career


Mary Ellen Grom

Russell is a person who cares about what matters most. He is extremely dedicated to his mission for coaching people through life. I admire his persistence, intentional listening skills, attention to detail and ability to help people focus on what needs to get done to make a difference. His genuine approach establishes a instant connection and creates a sense of openness. There is no doubt he aims to change lives!

– Marry Ellen Grom (US): Vice President, U.S. Marketing | SYNNEX Corporation
– Coaching Area: Business, Personal, Career


Russell is an engaging and enthusiastic coach with a real talent for helping people to exceed their potential. As a creative and enthusiastic person, I’ve often struggled to break through from the ideas stage into reality. Through his Skype sessions, Russell has really helped me to channel my creativity and ideas into meaningful and achievable targets that have far exceeded the level of goals I would have set myself unaided. I thoroughly recommend Russell for performance coaching, regardless of your background, business experience or sector… [continue reading ahead]

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– Claire Holgate (UK): Graphic Artist & Collaborator |
– Coaching Area: Business, Personal


Be Free Today - Performance Coach success

Russell is genuinely focused on helping others find their direction. He helped me structure and set specific goals with set dates and also equipped me with the tools to do so. Narrowing my focus has provided me with clarity and allowed me be more creative and productive, even when I can only make smaller steps toward a larger goal. Continually providing myself with direction and an expected outcome will keep me moving forward. I recommend Russell to anyone looking for help with clarity and direction.

Jeannette Hoss (USA): Steward of Planet Earth |
– Coaching Area: Business


Todd Van Duzer

I have known Russell for the past couple of years and he has coached me out through many difficult times I have had in my business and personal life. He knows the questions to ask to get help you get complete clarity and move in the right, positive direction.

– Todd VanDuzer (USA): CEO of Student-Tutor
– Coaching Area: Business, Personal


Lance Halls

Speaking with Russ from Be Free Today made me feel more in control and less confused about where I was heading. The coaching experience gave me a clearer head space which helped me to distinguish and establish the qualities and the values that I needed to focus on in order to accomplish my set goals. I have since been able to produce the next part of my album with added confidence and clarity!

 – Lance Halls (Australia): High Knights – Lead Vocalist / Producer
– Coaching Area: Personal


nontobeko simelane

Since I’ve started writing to and receiving emails from Russell, I’ve learnt to understand that its up to me to make my dreams come true and do what I love with my life and be happy about it, anything and everything is possible. I and only I am in control of what makes me happy.

– Nontobeko Simelane (Swaziland): – Medical Student / Aspiring Entrepreneur
– Coaching Area: Career