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I have created a service that will benefit you directly in the comfort of your choosing. In this busy world, the last thing you would want is to drive across town, deal with traffic, look for a park, THEN enjoy a magical session, only to lose your motivation on the way home. With a Skype Coaching service, you can avoid all that fuss. Plus, why not treat yourself to your favorite cuppa while relaxing in your own environment ready for your life enhancing session. The technology is available, it’time to take advantage of it! You will wonder why you never tried this earlier, guaranteed.


A sample of benefits include


  • Save Money from parking and fuel
  • Save Time from commuting (no red lights and gridlock!)
  • Ease of access with zero waiting time (avoid reading cheesy magazines while you wait!)
  • Enjoy a life changing experience without the need to hire a baby sitter
  • Travel often? Receive coaching in New York one week, and Miami the next…

    …But for the most of us

  • Quality and Professional Service from the comfort of your home or office


How Does Skype Coaching Work?


The first thing to do is contact Russell. You can do this by one of the three following methods:


i. EmailBe Free Today Email Contact
ii. PhonePhone Contact Be Free Today
iii. FREE Session Contact Form Be Free Today - Contact Form








Once you have contacted Russell and arranged a convenient time that suits you, expect the following 5-Steps on the day of your first Performance Coaching Session.
Step 1: Locate Your Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, or Desktop Computer

Skype Coaching Devices

Step 2: Find a Comfortable Place with Internet or WiFi access

 Comfortable place for Skype Coaching

Step 3: At Your Scheduled Time, Connect with Be_Free_Today

Connect with Be Free Today Skype Coaching

Step 4: Have Your Diary/Book/Paper and a Pen Ready to Create Magic

Diary and pen ready

Step 5: Feel the Freedom and Enjoy Living With Purpose!

Live with Purpose

During the Session

The Skype Coaching session process runs as follows:

  1. First ensure you are comfortable and will be free of ANY distractions for the ONE hour session
  2. The session begins with YOU contacting ME at our organized time.
  3. I will be waiting on this end to receive your call
  4. Share a brief moment to ensure the audio & video connection is stable (99% success rate!)
  5. For the next HOUR the Coaching Session takes place.
  6. Expect a very fun, engaging, positive and pro-active time. I will give you activities along the way as needed.
  7. Once the session concludes, you will have a clear set of goals and a road map to your personal
    and/or professional success. I will forward via email, any necessary materials mentioned in the session that aide in your quest for success. I also offer free support via email in between scheduled session times to answer and questions or general help.


If you are feeling ready to take a chance and Be All You Can Be, then please do not hesitate to get in contact. New to coaching? Then I recommend trialing my FREE session offer to see if it is right for you. What have you got to lose? If you have any inquiries, or are ready to take the plunge into a life of purpose, click on the link below and I’ll be in touch. Until we connect, Keep Smiling Friend!

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How Skype Coaching Works March 23, 2013