Importance of vision

Zero Vision = Zero Life

By Julian Newman

Borders bookstore closed in 2011. On the next to last week it was in operation, I went by to check it out…

It was a strange experience. It was both good AND bad. Good because of the amazing deals I got on a bag of books (80% off), bad because Borders was going out of business.

Borders was by far my favorite bookstore. It had style, incredibly comfortable seats, and a huge array of books. I have spent many hours reading, writing, and studying in there.

So when I walked in last Saturday and saw the mostly empty shelves and the crowds of scavengers milling about, I was sad. It was as if an old friend was leaving forever. Beyond my emotional feelings of nostalgia, there was something else I noticed:

A lack of vision that touched everything.

This absence created a vacuum that could be seen, felt, and touched.

  • It was TANGIBLE: There was no air conditioning and the place was sweltering hot. 
  • It was VISIBLE: A manager sat on the ground, smoking a large cigar a few feet from the entrance. 
  • It was UNDENIABLE:  The cashier roughly tossed my books to me, while a lady friend stepped behind the counter and gave him a passionate hug.

Everywhere I looked, I saw this vision vacuum playing out. When vision is gone, there’s no momentum for movement. When we stop moving, whether individually or organizationally, death is imminent. That’s why there was such disarray and lack of control in the store. Vision is the glue that keeps things held together.

As the Teacher in Proverbs says, “Where there is vision, the people perish”.

In other words, zero vision = zero life.

Stuck and floundering in your day-to-day, your family, your marriage?
No momentum in your business, organization, or area of leadership?
Chances are, somewhere along the way you lost your vision. Though losing vision is tough, you can find it again.

Retrace your steps. Reread those old journals. Sit down with a mentor who believes in you.

Remember the reason you signed up for this marriage/relationship/friendship/business/industry/ministry to begin with. If you can remember the reason, you can rediscover your vision.

Start looking. Start searching. Start remembering. Today.
Julian Newman

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Julian Newman - Be Free TodayJulian Newman
Leadership catalyst that uses art, the written/spoken word, and creativity to help organizations and individuals find their unique purpose and the courage to live it out. A 17-year veteran of pastoral ministry, Julian lives in Grand Rapids with his wife Tiffany and his 3 daughters.

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