Perspecitve and Potential

It’s All About Perspective…

Without introduction — Read the following very carefully.

I’m going to describe something for you now. I want you to pay close attention to the details. Firstly, empty your mind of all thoughts. Read slowly. Focus on the words you are currently reading and DO NOT imagine the following.

Whatever you do, do not think about a cute fluffy pink bunny. Do not picture its long floppy pink ears or that small button black nose. Stop thinking about its gentle nature as it sits comfortably nestled in the palms of your hands. You cannot feel its pink soft fur warming your senses and its precious innocence melting your heart. Stop thinking about how happy it made you feel when you first held a fluffy bunny as a child. Do not imagine the smile and joy it brings you when you pet this little guy.

How did you go?

Did you at any stage imagine a fluffy bunny?

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Even though you were given instructions NOT to imagine a delightful pink bunny, the chances are, you probably did. Interestingly, did you also begin to feel warm fuzzy feelings? Your prior knowledge and experiences of pink fluffy bunnies is seldom filled with anger or negativity. You picked up the key words and created imagery based on your prior knowledge and experiences. You have effectively re-positioned your thoughts into something positive… even though you were told not to. The stronger the memory, the greater the attached emotion will be. This happens because we cannot unlearn a thought once it has been planted, we can only move on and implant something new. However, the original keywords will stick somewhere in your mind.

What sort of bunny was it?
I told you NOT to think about it. Why don’t you listen to me!


Two points of interest come to mind. Firstly, you were told not to imagine something and you still did. Secondly, knowledge of past experiences can trigger past emotions and bring them to present. You can make both of these points work for or against you; the choice really is yours.


How to Make Positive Affirmations Work For You


It is important to keep your thoughts positive and pro-active to maximise your daily performance and potential. By harnessing the emotion attached to your mind’s scenario, you will begin to set up the behaviour that follows. Try the following scenario –

You are walking to work and suddenly the sky turns grey and rain begins to fall (we’ve all been there). You may be inclined to think,
“Oh $%&#, can my day get any worse?”

The key words here are ‘day’ and ‘worse’. What happens next? You begin to look for those worse things in your day. Ughhh, I’m sure the boss will ask me to work late… Sally will be at me again today I just know it! From this point on, you can count on your day being fairly miserable… if you let it.
Let us replay that again, but this time change that thought to something positive with an attached positive memory.

“When I was young, you couldn’t keep me out of the rain, it was so much fun!

The key words in that thought are ‘young’, ‘rain’, and ‘ fun!’ This sets your mind to associate rain into something fun. The positive feelings attached to playing in the rain in your youth will come to the present. You can then bet that your next thoughts will be to look for something else that is fun. The process will more than likely continue until you encounter new stimuli that provokes a new train of thought.

The chain effect thought process is called the ripple effect. A single thought will lead into the next one, and then the next, and so on.

Positive affirmations - the ripple effect

The Ripple Effect

Always make a conscious decision to alter thoughts into positive perspectives. If the concept is new to you, it may be rather challenging at first. However, just like learning a new skill, with plenty of practice it will soon become automatic.

In essence, this is how affirmations work. Our mind first lays foundations by harnessing key words, and then adds the rest to give context and meaning. If you wish to alter behaviour or habit, it is then important your affirmations are for positive instructions rather than negative.

Here is another example,

“I want to stop chewing my nails.”

What are the key words here? ‘Chewing’ and ‘nails’ – If you keep telling yourself this, you will more than likely have gnawed to your bone by the end of the week. Remember, the mind first creates imagery based on the key word use. Just like with our fluffy bunny, even though were told not imagine it, you still did. So what is the alternative? Try it with a positive instruction of what you want to do. For example,

“I will only use clippers to cut my nails”

What are the key words here? ‘Clippers’, ‘cut’ and ‘nails’ – Here you are giving yourself the best opportunity at altering a bad habit into something positive. The mind focuses on the instruction and, with practice, will associate the overwhelming urge to chew your nails –with clip your nails.

It can certainly be challenging to get your head around using positive affirmations. The wonderful thing is they really do change your life. I recommend practicing them out aloud in the mirror, with your significant other, or the family pet! If can feel comfortable speaking them openly, you give yourself a better chance of using them internally. Remember to attach an emotion where possible. It gives them just that little more sticking power.

If you are interested, take advantage of my free coaching session offer in the box below.  I can help you formulate your own affirmations and as well as tackle the root of your limitations. It really will change your life for the better.

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Positive affirmations are extremely effective in enabling a positive state of mind and consequent behaviour. With practice, you can gain full control with all your thoughts and reacting behavioural trends. If you ever catch yourself thinking negatively, pause for a moment and ask yourself, “What is a better way I can re-frame this scenario?”

Our thoughts shape the way we perceive and react in our world. Whether it is a pink fluffy bunny, or a rainy day, your perspective will influence your emotions and behaviour. If you are interested to learn more or are having difficulty grasping this concept and implementing it, drop me and email at Be Free Today. I’ll be glad to explain it further and help make it work for you.

Change your thoughts, change your life. Keep smiling now :)


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