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The word genius get thrown around a lot, but Robin Williams was certainly worthy. An inspiration to millions, he used his talents and shear energy to lift the spirits of anyone fortunate enough to see him.

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Robin Williams – A Little Touch of Madness

If you ever feel excited from a seemingly crazy, different or somewhat mad idea, show the world what you have to offer. Robin Williams was never shy to express his crazy and innovative side. The creative genius brought laughter and joy to millions. He is remembered by those who knew him best by his quick wit and fast paced mind; always 10 steps ahead. Like in much of his scripts, Robin Williams would often improvise with a highly energized personal feel.

You’re only ever given a little spark of madness, you must never lose it.

The 1992 Disney movie Aladdin, was a critically acclaimed masterpiece in which Robin Williams improvised much of the script. It was these moments of madness that made him so special and which will continue to bring happiness to his audience for generations to come. A kind, giving and gentle soul has left us – May he rest in peace.

Robin Williams

Russell O’Neill

Performance Coach and Founder
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